Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Margarida)

This book was so frustrating!!! I just wanted to grab Daemon and Katy and close them in a room and make them confess their feelings for each other! I wanted to scream at them. Seriously so freaking frustrating…Daemon spent half the book pursuing Katy and when he says I’m done. Katy realizes that she has feelings for him and I just wanted to shake her and say NOW? NOW YOU REALIZE YOU LIKE HIM!!!!! GRRRRRRR

So besides being frustrating I loved the book! The story is so addicting and I just want read more and more. This is so good!!

There were some new characters that honestly I do not like. At all. There’s Will Katy’s mom new boyfriend. I didn’t like him because he was freaking creepy!! Come on the guy was kissing her mother but was looking directly at Katy! Just ewww. There’s other things that he did that made me hate him if you read the book you know what I’m talking about if not GO READ THIS SERIES. Then there’s Blake. He seems like a nice guy at first but he’s just creepy and a little crazy. I mean the guy is always putting Katy in dangerous situations and when he’s confronted he laughs. :/

We also have the regular characters:

My baby! This guy is super hot god I would pass out if I was Katy when put the cookie in his mouth and he said something like this You want the cookie come and get it..or I would pass out or I would end up dehydrated because I would lose so much water by drooling…yup not a good image.
The things he did for Katy…wow…I want a Daemon for myself. He’s just amazing and I don’t how Katy doubted he had feelings for her.

I still like her and think she’s brave but she annoyed me in this one. Just why ? why do you doubt that Daemon likes you?! He does everything for you! She also did some not very good choices..I can understand why she made them. She wanted to learn how to protect herself and Daemon but because of her choices some really bad stuff happened.

She said that Katy was a bit distant and she was but Dee was also pretty distant. Always making out with Adam..She was always with him. I missed seeing her spend time with Katy.

The triplets
They didn’t show up much. Ash is getting a little bit better. Andrew I honestly don’t remember if he showed up or not ups. Adam showed up a lot and that’s understandable because he started to date Dee and they were so adorable together!!

5 stars

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