The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay (Margarida)

This book. This book you guys. This was just amazing and beautiful. I loved it!

I loved how the relationships grew in this book. Josh and Nastya relationship started really slowly with them kinda hating each other but at the same time they were drawn to each other and they started to bound and I loved. I loved how they communicated at first. I loved how they just stared at each other and really saw each other.

The characters were amazing as well.
Josh looked like a badass no one messed with him but he inside he’s so sweet and perfect. I love him. I was very curious about his story and he told it by bits and I liked that. I liked that he called her sunshine even though she wore all black. He was so patient with her and she broke him. She did. But he didn’t care because all he wanted was for her to be better. Oh my his presents to her!!!! I loved it!! The chair because he didn’t like that she would sit on the counter and would bounce her legs so he built her a freaking chair! If a guy ever want to date me he has to build me some bookshelves first.

Nastya was a mystery..I knew very little about her and I was curious to know what had happen for her to be so angry at the world. I was surprised with her story and it made cry because it wasn’t her fault it was really bad luck. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and she was just shattered to pieces and 3 three years later she’s still trying to find them. But thanks to Josh she got better she had someone who understood her even though he didn’t know her story. They were amazing together.

I absolutely love Drew. He is one of those characters that are impossible not to love. He was such a manwhore but inside he was a really good friend and he loved Josh and Nastya so much! I really wanted to know more about him and Tierney.

Clay was pretty funny with Nastya. She didn’t talk so he would just say an hypothetically conversation they would have and the questions they would make to each other it was super funny and man his talent!! I wish I could draw like that!

The ending was amazing just amazing. When Josh’s grandfather told him what he had seen when he almost died when he was younger I remembered something at the beginning  and I was like oh my. And then at the end Josh asked her what she had seen when she almost died and the answer killed. :’)

5 stars


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