The King by J. R. Ward (Joana)

God I have so many things to say about this book that I don’t even know where to start!

Okay I guess the first thing that I’ve got to say is that Black Dagger Brotherhood is one of the most amazing series ever. I just love it and I miss it so damn much. Till I start reading this I hadn’t realized how much I miss it and now I’m controlling to go re-read all the books. Specially Lover at Last. 

I spent the whole book dying because of Blay & Qhuinn. I justNEED THEM and they barely appeared in the book. 😦
Every time I read their names I had to stop reading to calm my self down.

                                                                                                               Qhuinn: “Rough times. And I’m not interested in saints.”
                                                                                                                                    Layla: “Really? You’re in love with one.”
                                                                                                                                                    Qhuinn: “Damn straight I am.” 

You guys have NO IDEA how I reacted to that scene. I was rolling in bed, kicking the air, smiling so much it hurt, making weird noises,… Damn what these guys do to me. I really miss them. I hope that they don’t get forgotten in the next books or it’s going to kill me. 

               I need Blay & Qhuinn!

Until waaaayyy over the middle of the book I was totally convinced that I was going to give this book 4 stars. I was really enjoying it but I wasn’t enjoying it enough to be a 5 star book. In fact there was a lot of things that were driving me completely nuts! 

Let’s get down to those things first and see if I can remember it all.

First Assail and Sola . I’m going to be honest.. I don’t give a fuck about them and I don’t see the point in having those two in the story at all. Those POV bored me to death I just wanted them to end quickly. To me the only good thing in having Assail in the books is the twins. They are damn sexy and I really likethem although we know nothing about them. I was driving me crazy the fact that they were not mentioning the name of one of the twins it was always “Ehric’s brother”. I was so curious.

Sola’s grandmother is the boss I have to admit that I love that woman. But god why is Assail and Sola even here? Where is the point of them having so much page time? I would rather have POV from other characters, like the Brothers that got left behind in the story, that those two ! I know that I’m probably out of luck but I really hope that in the next books they don’t appear or at least don’t have so much page time. 

Now the thing that I’m going ballistic over is Xcor, Layla and the Band of Bastard.

My blood was boiling in my veins during Xcor’s and Layla’s POV. I just get so mad because of them that I can’t even thing clearly!!I DO NOT like Xcor . At all. I just can’t. Every nerve on my body tells me to not trust him and the fact that he was so close to the Brotherhood Mansion because of Layla… I was capable of pulling all my hair out.

I was talking with a friend of mine about this and she doesn’t understand why I don’t like him and why I am so worried. She was calling me stubborn and yeah I know I am being a little I admit that, but this feeling that I have because of him doesn’t go away. 

I know that he likes Layla and in the end of the book he agreed to leave Wrath alone because of her. Only because of her. And that’s the thing… Maybe Xcor is not going to be the problem but sure thing that those Bastard are not going to follow suit. I do not trust any of them. They are trouble! Specially Throe. That fucking bastard is going to cause a lot of problem and I’ve got a feeling that he’s not going to leave Layla alone. She’s pregnant for fucks sake!! Yup this is killing me. The only thing keeping me from freaking out more about this is that I know that the Brotherhood is way better than they are.

Although I dislike Xcor he made me laugh a lot when he went shopping for clothes.

“What kind of look are you looking for ?


“Knock her dead, my man.”

  “Oh, no. That shan’t be necessary. This one I like.”

It was funny. Now lets see where this is going. Perhaps Xcor is going to ally with the Brotherhood and take don’t the other bastards?!… I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. And Qhuinn and the baby keeps coming to my mind.

Layla never was one of my favorite characters either and right now she’s not on my good side. Even if she says that she is doing it for the King she is also doing it for herself. And snicking out of the house and lying to Qhuinn.

The only reason I want a Layla/Xcor book is because of Blay & Qhuinn. 

The other thing that was making my mind about giving the book 4 stars was Beth and Wrath . They were never my favorites and Beth was getting on my nerves. The damn woman was so annoying the beginning of the book! I really hated that she was around Layla to get her needing without mentioned it to Wrath he may have a bad temper and not the best attitude but it was his decision too! Beth was dropping a lot in my consideration but then… things changed. 🙂 

I loved the wedding. And from that moment until the end is the reason I gave this book 5 stars and not 4.

Lassiter just killed me. KILLED ME !!! I couldn’t stop laughing all the way. I LOVE that angel. I want him to appear more in the books because I just fucking love him. 

I LOVE Brotherhood moments and I want.. No… I need!more of those moments! I kinda miss the old books when it just about them and the fighting and yeah.. I miss them.

I loved seeing Z! 🙂 Even just for tiny moments it’s better than nothing at all and my heart just gets so tight. Z with Nalla.. Perfect. So so so sweet! 

And Rhage … crying in the wedding.. Yup I cried along with him.God I miss him. I can’t wait for his novella. 

Vishous, Vishous, Vishous !!!! He will always be my favorite ever! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !!! 

And John… So so cute! I really want him to find out about Darius being part of him. He was so amazing to Beth in this book and him with Xhex is just so sweet!! I was so glad to see some POV of his in the book. I missed him very much too. I hadn’t realized how much.

I’m so proud of Wrath! I really like this new him! He with his son.. how cute! :3 

[I was not at all surprised that Beth was already four months pregnant. (hide spoiler)] Since the beginning that I was already suspicious and that thought had crossed my mind a lot of times along the book. Wrath reaction when Beth told him tho… I cried like a baby it was so beautiful and all of them the Brotherhood their mates all of them together… Fuck I’m crying right now just by thinking of it. So beautiful. I love that family! I love Brotherhood moments! 

Don’t know what to say more than this. I’m so glad that he’s still the King and a damn god one for now on. How he’s actually dealing with people now and helping them… I’m so proud! AndI’m so fucking glad that he ended with the glymera! Those fuckers! 

Ah yes! I also liked seeing his parents past and the old Brotherhood! I actually had tears in my eyes during those POV not just because of the King and Queen but also because ofAghony and Thorture it was so good to see them.

I think that there’s only four more characters that I haven’t mentioned…That I can remember.

Saxton, Selena, Trez and iAm.

I can not wait for the Shadows book. 

I love Trez and I really like Selena. That female knows how to act but things doesn’t seem good for her. 😦 Or him for what is worth it. But I want to bad for them to be together.

Although I really love Trez I’m in love with iAm. 

LOVED the scene when he goes with Beth to the clinic and he and “Goddamn Cat” ahaha beautiful!

 “Don’t tell anyone… but I like that goddamn cat of yours.”

He was so open and he found more about him. And he’s funny too ! I just love iAm. 

Now.. he completely ruined my plans for him when he said he wasn’t gay. Damn I wanted him to be with Saxton. I really like Saxton and I want someone for him. He’s suffering and alone and that son of a bitch of his father I want to kill him for what he said to Saxton. Poor Saxton we have to find him a friend. I want a book about him! 

Now that my plans were ruined I’m afraid of who is going to be with iAm. I’m afraid that it is going to be the Queen’s daughter. He don’t know her yet so.. Damn I want to know how is the bitch that is going to get luck and stay with iAm!

He and Trez are in a big mess.

I need more books ! I just love this series. And please Ward don’t forget about the Brother we need more POV about all of them. 

5 stars

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2 responses to “The King by J. R. Ward (Joana)

  1. I lost track of the characters in this series a long time ago, but I don’t like Xcor either. In The Lover? Did not like him at all.

    • Finally someone who understands me!! I think you’re the first person that I see that does not like Xcor.

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