Of Poseidon by Anna Banks (Carolina)

I loved the Syrena world! It wasn’t perfect but it was freaking awesome. I love the sea and I’d love to be part Syrena because I’d love to spent hours inside the sea without having to breathe, or to have perfect sight inside the water! So please someone give me Syrena blood. I’ll be forever in your debt.

It wasn’t the imperfections in the world building that made me give this book 4 starts, instead of 5! It was the mystery there was behind Emma’s lineage. I knew from the start who had Syrena blood in her family without a single doubt. And other things like that, so obvious! And everyone would play dumb. But I loved this anyways.

One thing I hope to see more in the next book is the Syrena world! In this book we only get little glimpses but I need want to see more! I hope that in the next ones I’ll get to see it.

Now I’m going to talk a little about these characters! I liked Emma. I’m not going to say that she’s one of my favourites ever, but she did okay. But I loved Rayna! In the beginning she was getting on my nerves, and sometimes throughout the book she would say something and ruin the moment but I really really liked anyways! And her relationship with Toraf? Holy crap! I loved it!! I loved Toraf!!!!! I can’t even begin to name the things I love about him!

And now…Galen! Again he’s not my favourite ever but I reallyyyyyy liked him! He was so funny with Emma! When they were arguing it was so funny! And how he didn’t know much about the human world! But then when he brought Emma to his world… AWESOME! Let’s not forget how hot he is! Dark hair and purple eyes?! I’d be prostrated at his feet in seconds.

Oh and I loved the double POV! I preferred Galen’s as usual! But I love when books do this and jump between both main characters POV.

Almost forgot to mention, I need Emma to change!!!!!

4,5 star


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