Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (Carolina)

Hopeless was a hell of a roller coaster! I have no idea why but I started this book convinced that one of the main characters had cancer. I was so damn sure of it, so I spent a big part of the book waiting for either Sky or Holder to be diagnosed with some freaky cancer and die. Thanks God I was wrong! Because this book didn’t have anything to do with health problems. But before I put aside that idea, I diagnosed Holder myself… with bipolarity! When Sky was playing thei Dinner Quest and said something like I know what your problem is! after analyzing his mood shifts I was pretty sure she was telling him she thought he was bipolar. And then she says drugs, and I just throw another theory away.

But I had a lot of theories throughout the book so I didn’t get that disappointed with that one. I’ll list the theories I had!

(Spoiler on my Goodreads Review)

I think I’m out of my freaking mind for just being right about sick theories. Anyway I wasn’t happy about being right about any of those. But I was pretty happy when I found out I was right about Sky’s bracelet!

Now about the main characters! I fell in love with Holder like after two paragraphs after I met him. He was just so sexy and nice and temperamental. Even if that doesn’t make sense he was all of that when we first met him. And when I got to know him better…there was no way around it. I was in love.
Now Sky I also really liked her. She cried a lot but well who wouldn’t?! I definitely would. And I’m not sure I’d be able to handle all of that as nicely as she did. I’d probably claw the man’s face. Not in a second I’d think I could love him after all of that. And I admire her for that. For being so strong when she had every right to go off and kill someone.
And I can’t forget to mention that whenever Holder broke down, I broke with him, I cried a lot only because he was crying and it broke my heart. Seeing such a hard boy crying because he just couldn’t keep the pain anymore. Because of his sister, and the guilt he felt. About loosing his friend Hope all those years ago and blaming himself for that too. Loving his sister but hating for leaving him. My dear boy. Now I feel like crying all over again and I don’t want that.

And the freaking tattoo !!! The meaning behind it all! Holy crap. I need to say this again. Poor Holder 😦

Oh and now that I know the meaning behind the next book… I’m not sure I’m ready to read it. I know that it’s the same story but in Holder’s POV, but if I cried my eyes just seeing his pain through Sky’s eyes. I have no idea what will happen to me when I read it from his POV. I’ll probably cry myself to sleep. I need sometime before I put myself though that.

5 stars



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