Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins (Joana)

*** Spoilers ***

I think I may have a serious problem. You see.. I thing that authors like Cassandra Clare and Veronica Roth broke me because I’m ALWAYS expecting the worse.

I spend the entire book and even the previous one with bad feelings and freaking out. I was so afraid and nervous of what could happen that you can even imagine. I really thought that something really bad was going to happen to one of my favorite characters, Blake , I was so scared for him with for no reason (thank god).

Seriously I was so prepared (or not) for a lot of sobbing and pain that the way things turned out let me kinda.. surprised? No that’s not really the word I’m looking for. What I mean is I was prepared for bad things and this was good. So peaceful and… it was not what I was expecting but I’m not disappointed. I loved it. 

I was really sad when Patti died but I was neither surprised and it was not was bad as I was expecting.  I felt really sad for Anna and Ginger, tho. Poor Ginger. 😦

Gosh Jay is such an amazing guy! I liked him a lot already but in this book.. I actually cried because of him. He was so sweet to Marna, so supportive and  the baby… Beautiful. And my heart was aching so bad for Ginger too.. losing her twin sister and the only person close to a mother that she ever had.. I’m so glad that she was Blake.

I was expecting to cry rivers with Marna’s death and once again that did not happened. I was just really sad when they were describing their lives without her.

Kope scared me. I thought that he was going to die. He and Zania are so cute together and I’m so glad that he and Kai are getting along now.

I wish that Marek had appeared more. I think I would really like. I knew he could be trusted since I saw him so I was not surprised when he helped Anna. And he was totally drooling over Kai! Yes, I would have liked him very much. 

Blake my dear funny sexy boy. I love him so much! I love him! I’m go so relieved that nothing happened to him and he and Ginger are together and happy. I’m so freaking in love with him! 

That freaking epilogue killed me with love and cuteness. It was so damn beautiful that I was smiling like and idiot and crying at the same time.

Sweet hot Kaidan… I thought it wasn’t possible for me to love him even more than I already did but I do. I do. I LOVE HIM! :’) 

Seeing him with the kids and the love and they were all happy and I’m rambling again but I just can’t help it because I my heart can’t deal with so many feels! He’s going to be such a good daddy! :’) 

I can’t express how happy I am with this ending. Friends all together, happy, so much love … I’m going to miss this series so much. I can’t believe it’s over.

I miss Kaidan and Blake already! I love you guys. ❤ 


5 stars


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