(Mini) Book Haul (Carolina)

This morning I had a surprise waiting on my garage! Do you wanna know what it was?!



Unfortunately I only had money to buy 4 books. People in Portugal have to buy freaking rich to buy more than a couple of books per month. I only bought more because I had free shipping and some discounts.

So now I suppose you are curious to know what inside those boxes. Don’t worry here they are! My beautiful new acquisitions:


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I already read Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer but the rest of them are gonna be new reads for me! I’m super excited about them. I already read some books by Julie Kagawa and I have to admit that I hate the main character, Megan. But this one sounds like a badass girl, so I hope she won’t disappoint me!

I also have high expectations on Susan Ee series! Let’s see if I’m going to be let down or not. I hope not. I’ll let you know when I read them.


2 responses to “(Mini) Book Haul (Carolina)

  1. Agora é que disseste tudo, é preciso ser-se rico neste país para se comprar livros.

    Compraste coisinhas boas, não li nenhum mas estou muito curiosa com os da Susan Ee.


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