The Elite by Kiera Cass (Margarida)

I don’t even know how to start this review. This book was so frustrating more like some of the characters were frustrating! There things that really made me want to punch a wall. I was lying in bed and I actually kicked my wall!!! This was truly frustrating and made me really nervous.

Let’s start by talk about America. THIS ONE! OH MY! I JUST WANT TO YELL AT HER!!! JUST DECIDE ALREADY!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!! I KICKED A WALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! I just can’t understand why she can’t decide. In the first book I did understand she didn’t know Maxon that well but now with everything he did for her and Aspen being stupid and saying that she wouldn’t be a good Princess/Queen my choice would be pretty obvious. Like I said several times she was pretty frustrating because she was always changing her mind and this made me really mad one minute she was all I want Maxon but then she saw him with the other girls and she would be all jealous and she would start thinking no Maxon how can I like him I can always count on Aspen. And it was the same thing when she would “choose” Aspen. Please America just choose. She did a lot of stupid things in this book LIKE A LOT. She broke a promise to Maxon and I was so mad! How could she do that?!

Maxon radiates patience and even he lost it with America he finally gave her an ultimatum but he was lucky because he caught her in those oh so singular moments where doubt her feelings and she decided that she would choose Maxon for now. The third time the castle was attacked by the rebels Maxon and America had a moment and he told her his secrets it was so emotional. In this book we see a lot of jealous America because Maxon starts to be with the other girls and so understand him. He loves America but he thinks what if she wants to leave?! I need to decide an alternative and yeah it sucked seeing him in those intimate moments with the others but he has to do it and he just wants to feel good and normal for a few seconds so.

I don’t have much to say about Aspen. I like him but he’s not the one for America he doesn’t believe in her and he should. I hope he ends up with Lucy with so adorable seeing those two hugging!

Finally I know what was Marlee’s secret. I had thought about it and I wasn’t expecting all the bad things that happened afterward and it was awful I was so scared and nervous! But I’m happy that she’s happy now and Maxon did everything he could to help her…he’s awesome.

I’m really afraid of the last book. I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know who will she choose because she can’t freaking decide!

4 stars


3 responses to “The Elite by Kiera Cass (Margarida)

  1. I absolutely love these books, I read them in like a day, they are very frustrating!!!!!! I can’t wait for the last one though… I loved your post!!!

    • I know right?! She’s always changing her mind and I get so frustrated because I just want her to choose! I’m terrified of the last book because I seriously don’t know who will she choose…
      Thanks! 😀

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