Fallen First Photo (Carolina)


So this came out today and I’m trying to wrap my mind on what I think about it. Let’s say that I think Luce and Daniel look awfully good.

Jeremy Irvine (Daniel Grigori) isn’t exactly what I pictured as Daniel, mainly because I had such a hard time imagining him with black hair. But Addison Timlin (Lucinda Price) is the perfect Luce! And just look at that dress. It’s so beautiful. I’d wear something like that.

But let’s focus on Harrison Gilbertson (Cam Briel) and what the freaking hell?! He looks like Danilla (Dimitri from Vampire Academy) and I hate this choice for my favourite character!!!

Well let’s see how this goes. I just hope they make a movie as good as the book.

Here is the link where the promotional photo was shared

And here is the link for my Fallen review on Goodreads


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