The Selection by Kiera Cass (Margarida)

This book was so good! I just couldn’t stop reading it!

I really liked their world. Though sometimes they refereed phones and other technology stuff and I was like wait what I was always forgetting that yeah this is about Princes and Princesses but they have technology! I didn’t like how they label each others as One, Two,  Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight.

At the beginning I really liked Aspen but then I started to understand him better and I don’t like him that much. He thinks America is too good for him and he breaks her heart BUT THEN something good happens to him and now he’s not a six anymore he’s a two(I think) so he said I’m going to fight for you America. See these labels do bad things to people and they don’t care about anything else.

I have mixed feelings about America. I like her, she’s super funny, she knows how to kick ass but then she’s very indecisive about who she likes the best and I don’t think I’m going to like that very much. She’s been two years with Aspen and he broke up with just because he’s stupid and now she has this wonderful guy that will wait for her. I do understand a bit her confusion of who should she choose but come on! Kick Aspen in the butt and be with Maxon already.

I really liked Maxon. I don’t love him but I do like him more than Aspen. He’s just so nice and kinda naive at first because he didn’t have any experience with women. I really liked him and America together they were so funny and he’s so wonderful and nice to her and all of the other girls. Uh and the secret way they had to communicate with each other! It was adorable! *-*

So America befriended with Marlee and I like Marlee but I’m really curios about her. What’s her secret?
On the other hand we have Celeste. I want to punch her in the face. Several times. This bitch is all nice in front of other people but behind their back oooh she’s a witch!!! How can Maxon stand her?! God. I so wouldn’t survive in that competition with her there. I would murder her.

I totally forgot to mention that I really like America’s maid! They were so adorable!

I really hope America chooses Maxon so they can change their country and make it better. America would make a great Queen.

4 stars



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