Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (Carolina)

I have such mixed feelings about this book! In the first half I was having a hard time getting into it. I was always checking how many minutes I had till the end of the chapter and I hate reading books like that. But then close to 40% into the book I just couldn’t stop! It was just getting better and better and so freaking addicting!

And Laini Taylor is a really mean author! She broke my heart, then put it together again just to crush it in a million pieces! Why did she have to kill one of my favourite characters? And what Ziri had to do?? I just wanted to crush something with my bare fists. The unfairness if it all!

I love this world the author created! And I wish we had the chance to know more about it. Those mysterious islands?! I’m so curious bout it and its queen! I have a feeling in the next book I’ll have more answers about this.

Now these awesome characters!! I can’t say that either Karou or Akiva are my favourites because they are not. And I’m pretty sure that’s one thing that doesn’t help me love the books as much as everyone else.

I will tell you the characters I truly love! Let’s start with Suzanna and Mik! Oh sweet goodness. I love those two with my heart and soul! How they love each other. How Suz moved Earth to find her best friend. How those two humans befriended a bunch of monsters in a blink of an eye. I loved every single chapter in their POV.

I also love Ziri and Hazael! They are like the sidekicks of the main characters and I fell for both of them.

I also really liked Sveva and her friend that wanted to be part of the rebellion. I’m really curious about Sveva’s destine. And if she made it and what she found out.

I totally liked that angel we had a chance to meet in only one chapter and I’d love to know if managed to survive or not. Probably not but I liked him a lot more than I should if I was supposed to lose him in only a matter or paragraphs. I think his name was Nevo. But I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

So now I’m not going to finish this trilogy right away but I can’t deny that I’m really curious about it! I hope Akiva and Karou find a chance at happiness and stop denying their love because I hate that. I just can’t deal with it when two people that are clearly in love are always trying to deny it and run away from it. So please just be together!!!

4 stars


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