Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins (Joana)

*** Spoilers ***

I think it’s official. These books became one of my favorites ever. I’m so in love that you can even imagine. They are perfect.PERFECT! 

I love everything about it. I love Wendy’s writing, I love the story, I LOVE the character’s, I love everything. 

This trilogy was been really different from other books in a lot of things and one that I really like is that both, Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril don’t have an ultimate fight in the end. There’s action and they are really intense books – god while reading this one I thought that I was going to have and heart attack specially in the end when they spent all of that time in the water hiding from the Dukes – but there’s not this huge fight in the end of each one and I like that. They are preparing, time actually passes things don’t just happen in mere of days and I really like that. 

I also love that the book is set in so many different places. I loved the trips that Anna and Kope did to find Allies. My favorite part was when she went to California… because of reasons… I’ll get there. 😉

I don’t know how Wendy does it but I really love these characters. In this book we met new Neph’s and even just for a brief time I got so attached to them. Flynn … he barely appeared and  when he was killed I actually cried! I was in panic. He was loyal to end and I’m so damn sad that he’s gone! 

I’m completely in love with Blake! I think that, after Kaidan of course, Blake is my favorite one. I just LOVE HIM!!! He’s such an amazing friend! To Kai to Anna… he’s just AMAZING and do fun! This thing going on between him and Ginger… I really like it!! I’m scared for him, though. I’m so scared of the possibility of him dying in Sweet Reckoning. So damn sacred that my heart hurts. 

I have a very difficult relationship with Kopano. I like him I really do. He’s such a good and sweet guy but I can not completely love him. I.. in the begging of the book I even stared doubting him a bit mostly because I knew his feeling for Anna and I didn’t want him to get in the middle of her and Kaidan but of course he did. I don’t actually blame him for that kiss because it was Anna who stated it but Kope didn’t stop her. He knew exactly how Kai felt about her and he still did it anyways. 

I was not exactly surprised with his secret I had never thought about it but it did not surprised me it actually made kind of sense.I like that he and Zania seem to like each other. 

I’m not sure if I like her tho, I know that she’s being through a lot and had a rugged life and all but I think that she’s kind of weak.. 



I was already completely crazy in love with Kaidan after Sweet Evil but this ?? This was just WOOW. So so so hot. So many hot scenes. When Anna got to California and Kaidan, Blake and all of those other (hot) boys were in the beach playing around half naked.. I can’t even… I literately had to take my sweater off because it got so hot in my room. 

They even made beach seem like a fun thing. See what these guys are doing to me?! I hate beach and I hate sun and they made me want to enjoy things like they do. 

I love Anna, Blake and Kai’s friendship. I really do. 

Can Kaidan be more perfect? I was almost mad in the first half of the book because Kai almost never appeared and I missed him so much. So so much. And that the song he wrote? I cried! 


And he and Anna are finally together and perfect than ever and Kaidan said  “I love you”  and.. and… I’M SO IN LOVE !!!!! 

I’m sorry for all the rambling but I just can’t handle these feels. Have I mentioned how perfect Kaidan is? Yes? Don’t care I’ll say it again. KAIDAN IS SO PERFECT!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

I was really surprised when I liked Anna in Sweet Evil and I’m even more surprised that I like Anna even more now. I really like that girl and that’s a really rare thing coming from me. 

I also like the Twins.  GINGER FREAKING KISSED ANNA !!  I think my jaw dropped when that happened and I stood there with my mouth open at least for five minutes. Ahahahah they are so funny and I love their accent. 

I said it when I mentioned Blake but I’ll say it again … Blake and Ginger are great together and I want for Marna to stay with Jay because I do not like Veronica. 

I don’t know what to say more. Just that I love this trilogy so damn much and right now I’m so glad that I finished Sweet Peril right on time for Sweet Reckoning release and I don’t have to wait ages to read it. 

This is definitely one of my favorite series without doubt.

5 stars Goodreads Review



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