Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins (Margarida)

OH MY GOD! This book was wow. I absolutely loved it! I don’t know where to start. Well I cried a lot. From happiness and also because a lot of bad and sad things happened.

Let’s talk about the characters:





I just LOVE LOVE KAI!!! He’s so damn sexy and he loves Anna so much and he will do everything for her and he really did that in this book and and he’s perfect! I loved him in chapters 13 & 14(you guys be ready for these chapters!!)


Anna Anna you lucky bitch.

I actually like Anna and she’s awesome with Kai and always puts him in his place. She’s a pretty damn good fighter! When she was fighting I was like GIRL POWER!! DESTROY HIS FACE!!!!!!!!

Ginger & Marna

They’re awesome awesome awesome! I know Ginger seems like she’s a bitch but she just never had anyone love her besides her sister and she just wants to protect Marna. Oh sweet Marna. I love her personality. Everything is going wrong but she always finds something to make everyone laugh.


I love this guy he’s super funny and he’s always there for Kai. And I love the ending the writer gave him!!

Kope & Zania

Kope is such a good friend even after everything between Anna and him he’s always there when she needs him. Zania was better in this book though she didn’t interact that much. I really liked how the relationship between these two grew and yeah I’m happy 🙂


Now the HUMANS!


This woman is an angel. She just took everyone under her wing and loved every single one of them. I really liked her relationship with Ginger.


My man!!!!! 😛 Ahahahah

In this book he finds out about the Nephs and he actually took the truth really well and I was kinda happy with his ending. I liked the person that he ended up but….

I love the fighting in this book! It was so so good! I was super nervous and I didn’t know what to expect I was always Oh my what the hell is going to happen now?! And let’s just say some of the Dukes did not have a happy ending! I laughed in those parts eheh


ONE WORD: bambo

The epilogue was freaking perfect. And I cried of happiness because it was so beautiful so emotional and and :’)

I’m going to miss these characters so much. Kaidan ♥♥♥

 5 stars

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