Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Margarida)

I really really liked this story! I didn’t know this was about an Arum so it was a surprise but a good one.

I love Hunter! He’s so funny and sexy! The fights between him and Serena are so full of sexual tension and are so funny! ahahah

Serena is awesome too! She has always an answer to give and it’s pretty funny that’s she was always throwing things at Hunter.

I think this book really helped understand the Arum and that not all of them are so bad. And that there are Luxen that real bitches. I learned about Arum history which was cool and how their “powers” work.

I have a feeling that the reason Serena’s best friend was killed is the same reason why at the of Origin was the way it was. I hope Hunter will show up in Opposition that would be so cool. And he would become an ally and Arum and Luxen would solve all their problems and they would be happily ever after

I did not know that he appeared in one of the books and he met Daemon!!! I so have to read the Lux series again.



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