City of Heavenly Fire will be out in 30 DAYS! (Carolina)

City of Heavenly Fire will be out in precisely one month! I’m so excited to read it. But more than that I’m super afraid! After reading Clockwork Princess and being in a state of depression for weeks I have no idea what to think about this one.

I have some theories and none of them is comforting. I’m always remembering about the amount of deaths this book will have and the one person I wanted to see dead, I’m pretty sure won’t die. How’s that fair?

I’m almost 100% sure Simon will die. And I can’t even imagine what will happen to me if Cassandra decides to kill Jace or Clary. I can’t even think about it too hard! If I do I can feel the tears threatening to fall. Another death that has the same effect in me is Magnus or Alec. I don’t even know which one of these four would kill me more. I can’t lose any of babies!

I’m looking forward to some Clary and Jace steamy moments! And Malec! And Sizzy! I just want everyone to be happy.

In these days before the release I’m planning on rereading City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. I’ll be sharing my reviews with you.

Let me know if you have theories. Not only about deaths, but about anything else!



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