Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins (Joana)

I don’t even know here to start! I just can’t focus on writing a review because I’m hysterical and I just want to fangil.

I’m so freaking in love with this book!! Kaidan Rowe what have you done to me ?? I can’t control myself I’m totally lost because of this boy!

This book was perfect. I never expected to love it this much.

I thought that it was going to be kinda of like the other books about Angels and Nephilim’s and all of that but I couldn’t be more mistaken!

I LOVE this world that Wendy created! It’s just amazing! I love that she used the sins as a base of it. Using all the major sins in the world and crated Dukes to represent them and how the Dukes sons and daughters have to work… I guess it’s very wrong of me say this but I enjoyed so much seeing the Neph work!

There’s a lot that I want to say about this world and how perfect I think it is and all the thought but it’s like the words won’t come out! I DON’T FREAKING KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN MYSELF !! I JUST LOVED IT OKAY??

Other think that I loved about this book and does not happen often is that I really like basically all of the characters. Even Anna, the female character and me liking the female characters is a very rare thing.

I thought that I wasn’t going to like her at the begging. I could decide if she was really naive or just stupid. But then that damn girl surprised me! The girl is just good. There were times that I felt a sudden irritation through her but I don’t even know why and it passed quickly. I like the girl. I really liked seeing her work on that New Years Eve party.

How Anna managed to control herself with Kaidan and took her so freaking long to fall for him I can’t understand because as soon as I laid eyes on him there was no going back, I feel hard. He certainly is the son of the Duke of Lust. Boy just woww I can’t even.. What is this feeling ?? I’m going to say again: Kaidan Rowe what the hell did you do to me?

The boy is just amazing. What is it with me and sexy bad boys?

THOSE DAMN KISSES AND ALL THE SCENES WITH KAI AND ANN WERE SO FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!! I was melting I just couldn’t stand still I wanted more scenes !!!! AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT KAIDAN CALLS ANNA “LUV”????? I JUST LOVE IT !!!!!!! Damn you Kaidan Rowe for being so SEXY and for having a British accent which only makes you more sexy!!!

*Deep, deep, deep breath*

Kopano, Blake, the twins… I really like them too. I really hope that we get to know them better in the next book and seeing Anna and Kai interact with them more often because I loved every part when they were all together and I need more.

Hummm Kope ? I like you but if you get in the middle of Kai and Ann I’m going to be really mad! So just don’t even think about it!

Jay … humm not my favorite but I guess he’s okay. I thought that I wasn’t going to like him because when I stared the very first chapter and he and Anna were together it reminded me of Clary and Simon from TMI (and I dislike Simon very much) so I thought that Anna and Jay’s relationship was going to annoy the hell out of me but I’m glad I was wrong.

Who’s next?? Maybe Patti . Same not my favorite but I guess she doesn’t annoy me much and she’s good to Anna and even was decent to Kai so I guess so far so good.

The Dukes I hate most of them especially Pharzuph, Duke of Lust and Kai’s father, and Rahab, Duke of Pride. Anna’s father I think like. We’ll see.

Nooww… SWEET PERIL !!! Because I NEED more Kaidan Rowe!

Ah crap almost forgot! MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!! I’m crazy about music and adding this to the book only made me love it more. I was just so caught up when Anna described the concerts and Kaidan playing drums that it felt that I was actually listening to their music. Damn I wish I could actually hear them for real it sound so amazing.

I loved it!


5 stars

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