The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay (Carolina)

I give this book a sea of stars! I adored this story! The romance, the plot, the mystery around each character story, the relationships they developed between each other!

The main relationship between Josh and Nastya was the best one, obviously. I loved how they started, slow, so very slow. And then she started to interact with him, and he with her. And they gave each other little pieces of themselves till they were so wrapped up in each other there was no going back! This one was one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read.
Nastya wasn’t my favourite, I didn’t always understand exactly why she was the way she was. Or why she did the things she did. It looked like she was not only trying to hurt herself but everyone else around her.
I adored Josh! He was so damn sweet and protective and patient with her. Even after everything he went through he was still such a nice guy with an enormous heart.
There were a few things I think they should have added to their final sincere moments. For example, I’d have liked to see her telling him she couldn’t have babies and see his reaction to that.

Then the secondary characters. I loved, loved, loved Drew! Oh man! He was just an incredible friend to both of them. And I wish I had a way to know more about his story with his girl. I’d pay for that.

I also loved Clay! And I envy him with every cell in my body! He has one of the talents I’d give anything for. Anyway as a gay character in the book I’d like to see his love interest.

The end, oh crap! I was expecting worse. But I still cried a lot! I can still feel the salt of my tears in my skin. But it was every bit as perfect as I was expecting.

And the last question Josh asked her it was down fall. I was crying and with a smile so big in my face I didn’t know what to do with it. Oh my! This book is priceless. Everyone should read it!


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