Zero At The Bone by Jane Seville (Joana)

I’m so disappointing with this book. 😦 

I really thought that I was going to love it but I didn’t and that leaves me sad because I really wanted to love it like everyone seems too. I don’t know why I just didn’t felt connected with the characters an the story. It was all so simple and I was not excited to connect the peaces I was just going with it. I was not even surprised of who the bad guy (well kinda) was and the reason sucked. 

The only part that I actually felt something deep and connected with a character was in that scene when D is crying in Megan’s lap. That scene I loved! Don’t know why but to me that was the most beautiful and sweet scene in the book. 

I don’t love either D or Jack. Jack sometimes I really liked but then he started to act like a little kid and being mad out of nowhere and I didn’t liked that. And D I feel really sorry for what happened to his little girl but like I said the whole thing was to obvious and I didn’t get caught up in it. 

Sometimes it was really hard for me to focus on what D was saying because of his accent. But that was just me and it was a different type of writing it’s okay. 

There were sweet moments between Jack and D of course and I live those moments but I don’t know.. Something just felt… Off? I don’t know how to put it. 

I really liked when Jack testified. He was fucking amazing in that court room! Also liked the part were D is sick and Jack is taking care of him. That was sweet. 

I didn’t liked how things end up with the Brothers. So many time that D and Jack where apart because of them and it was just that ? 

Ahh forget it. 

I really was expecting more of this.

3.5 star


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