Undeclared by Jen Frederick (Margarida)

I’m so disappointed with this book. I was really excited to read because one of the main characters was a Marine and well you know Marines are pretty hot so yup I wanted to read it 😛

One of the reasons I didn’t love this book was because of Grace. I just did not like her at all. She’s always changing her mind. One minute yes I want to have a relationship with you Noah the next no you left me for two years blah blah. I wanted to scream at her all the time. But yes she changed a little bit. She had a freaking panic attack while watching an erotic movie and then fell asleep. WTH.

I did like Noah though but I did not love him! I wanted to love but I didn’t :/ It just he was always worried about Grace and his friends having more money than he did and because of that he felt inferior and he didn’t let his friends help.

I love Bo!! I so love him! He even feels the same way I do about Grace. He doesn’t like her. I really want to read his book I hope it’s better than this one.

I didn’t like Lana that much. She had problems with guys and she passed her that feeling of the guy just wants to screw you and then he leaves to Grace and that made Grace feel even more insecure.

I feel that this book could have been really good if the characters were different. One thing I did like where the letters! I really liked reading them.

3 stars


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