Reached by Ally Condie (Margarida)

I loved this book!! The writer always left me hanging when something important happened so that made super curious and I love being curious when I read book because that makes me want to read so I can find out what happens.

In my review of Matched I said that I didn’t like Ky much and I still don’t like him. He makes me roll my eyes a lot. I don’t understand him. He says he loves Cassia but in this book it seemed that he had feelings for Indie…

I still like Cassia but I don’t think she should have ended with who she did she should have ended alone. Firstly because I don’t like Ky that much and second because she doesn’t deserve Xander. So I liked her in this book I loved how much she fought to find the cure and she found it..kinda she had some help.

I love Xander I just love him! And I loved that he ended up with Lei. I just ship them so damn much! IT WAS FREAKING TIME HE FORGOT ABOUT CASSIA no offense to you Cassia I like you but Lei is better. He was freaking amazing in this book seriously amazing he’s definitely my favorite character!

YEY Eli and Hunter showed up! Kinda disappointed with Hunter but I still like you! Eli is the sweetest kid ever him and Bram!!

It was amazing how the writer answered all the questions I had I mean most of them I was surprised with some of them others throughout the book I thought about them and I was right HURRAY. Really liked the ending though I think it should have had an epilogue.

4 stars

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Review of the rest of the trilogy:


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