Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (Carolina)

The Lightning Thief

I can’t believe I gave this book 3 stars the first time I read it! It’s so, so good!

Percy Jackson adventure was addicting, I always needed to know more and see where they were headed! And yes I was rereading this book but what I had in my head was the damn movie! I had the vague idea that the adaptation was awful, but god! I never expected it to be this bad!!! I’m pretty sure they read a totally different book from mine. Because it’s impossible to get that movie from this book! Btw I love Logan Lerman with all my heart, if he was younger he would be a perfect Percy!

The characters were some of the best things for me in this book. I love Greek Mythology and I already read a lot of different versions of these Gods but I always love getting the opportunity to know some more. Ares was one of my favourites, I know he was one of the bad guys but the motorcycle/badass style just drew me to him. I also liked Hades! In most books I read with him in them I end up loving the guy, makes me wonder why…

Apart from the gods, I really like Percy even if I want to punch him when he starts with the my dad doesn’t care about me talk! But apart from that he’s really brave and funny for a twelve years old kid.
Annabeth is okay. She’s a little too arrogant sometimes.
I also like Grover he’s really funny and loyal!

Another of my favourites is Percy’s mom! She’s the best. One of the best mom’s from books without any doubt!

Now, I’m ready to the second book! I’m planning on reading all 5 books in the next couple of weeks. Let’s see how it goes

5 stars

The Sea of Monsters

Another damn good book! I still can’t understand two things, what on Earth I disliked about these books and which books did the movie directors read to make such awful books in comparison with these wonderful books. I don’t think I’ll have either of the answers anytime soon

As usual the adventure was awesome, thrilling and addicting! I just couldn’t put the book down. The characters are freaking amazing. Even if I don’t like all of them I can’t deny that they are beautifully written.

Rick Riordan is an amazing writer! Now I’m going to pick the third book, the last one I’ll be rereading 😀 The fourth will be a surprise Even if I don’t remember anything about the third one

5 stars

The Titan’s Curse

I didn’t like this book as much as the previous ones, maybe because I’m not a big fan of Talia’s and the book didn’t feel right without Annabeth. Probably I like her more than I thought.

I really like Nico! I hope he forgives Percy so I can love him even more.

One thing I think was better about this books than the previous one was the mythology! We had a chance to learn so much about Greek Mythology and not only the main stuff nut side myths as well. I just love Mythology!
And besides than Percy also had more contact with the Gods. I loved his talk with Aphrodite!!! It made me laugh so hard you can’t even imagine. I still really like Dionysus and Ares.
After this book I like Poseidon a lot more than I liked before. Zeus was good too. The only disappointment was Athena, but I can understand her reasons. I also would have liked to see a little of Hades.

I’m super excited to read the fourth one! Unlike the first three the next one I’ll be reading for the first time!!!

4 stars

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The fourth book in the PJO series was really, really good and truly left me confused about the rating. It’s a 4.5star but I’m not sure if I should give it four or five. For now it will be four, then we will see.

As usual the book was packed with action, adventures, breathtaking scenes and humor. These books are just so fast paced and good that I can’t stop reading once I began. I’m like just one more page, and when I check where I am I just read a whole chapter in a blink of an eye, this is how an amazing writer Rick is. Just awesome! I can’t wait to read the last book in Percy Jackson adventures!

Now a little about the fourth book in particular. I really loved the labyrinth! The descriptions and the concept of it was freaking awesome. I’d probably freak out from being stuck under the earth without knowing where the exit was. I’m a bit of a claustrophobic…
I loved every single moment with Percy and Annabeth. It has been as amazing ride to see them grow up and fall in love slowly. And I wish I knew if the kiss was really a kiss or just a peck in the cheek. I hope I understand that in the last book.
I’m not a big fan of Rachel or Juniper.
I really liked seeing Clarisse with her boy. I never knew she could be so sweet and nice to someone.

The end was totally awesome!!! When Poseidon showed up I just swooned! I love father and son moments. Specially with Tyson in the middle. I love that family. But I don’t trust Mr. Blowfish.

Now let’s if Rick doesn’t kill everyone in the last book. I really hope not.

3.5 star

The Last Olympian

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD The Last Olympian was the best book in this series! So freaking good I had a hard time stopping even to breathe. This book was so fast paced, mind blowing and perfect! I can’t believe Percy Jackson and the Olympians is over. Thanks God I have Heroes of Olympus to read next!

I have no idea what to say, I don’t wanna spoil anyone who haven’t read the book, even if I feel like I’m almost the last person on Earth who hadn’t read Percy’s adventures. I’ll just write whatever I feel like to. So please if you haven’t read this book just stop right here!

I love the characters, it’s hard to hate anyone in here mainly because we saw all of them grow up and know how they did become who they are now. I even like the girls. Percy obviously is my favourite, but I also love Nico with all my heart. And of course I love the Gods. Every scene with more than one God on it, just ended up with me laughing so hard I cried. Just so freaking good.

The way Rick Riordan wrapped up everything in the end, and who the hero in the prophecy ended up to be and Annabeth and Percy’s reactions to everything. Even how the Gods reacted and the gifts they granted their kids. I can’t think of any better way to resolve all their problems.

Let’s not forget Percy and Annabeth they were perfect! This books aren’t supposed to be romances and they aren’t, but the few moments we have of those two are just so good. The end, their kiss.

I can’t keep with this or I’ll end up reading Heroes of Olympus all night long.

4 stars


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