Crossed by Ally Condie (Margarida)

I really liked this sequel!!!! It wasn’t amazing or perfect but it was pretty good.

There were some things that annoyed me okay more like some characters annoyed me:


I just don’t know I liked her at first but then I started not to trust her completely..there’s something she’s hiding and I don’t like it.


I know I know he’s a cutie and I love him but he annoyed me in this one I understand why he didn’t want to join the Rising but he did some things I don’t agree with and he didn’t tell things to Cassia and I wanted to punch him.

Now the other characters:


This girl really surprised me!! She’s supposed to be this perfect girl with her life all planned but she changed and now she wants to destroy the Society! I love it!! I loved that she fought to find Ky. oh and when they found each other!! It was perfect and beautiful!! I really can’t wait to see he develop more as a character.


This kid is so adorable!! And so stubborn ahah. I liked that Ky saved him because he reminded him of Bram Cassia’s brother. I really liked him please Ally do not kill him.


At first I didn’t know if I could trust him but then I learned his story and damn I totally love you so so so much.


I really can’t imagine him being 22 years old in mind he’s like 30. I really liked him though and he taught some things to the group so yeah I like him. And poor him for suffering so much! Losing his wife and his 5 year old daughter 😦


He didn’t show up much in this book like one time maybe. But he has a secret and omg I was so curious seriously everyone in the book talked about it!!! Ky knew but he didn’t tell and I wanted to know so bad! And now I know yey 😀 I was a bit surprised but damn it makes me like more!!!


I have to say that I love the scenario! It was amazing! All those caves and the things the farmers had hidden there the view most be gorgeous. I can’t wait to read the final book and know how it ends how this revolution will end etc.

P.S. Why do these books have to end with both of them heading to different directions?! I don’t like it.


This is the map! I don’t know if you can see clearly but on this book they were in the Carving

4 stars

Full Review

Review of Matched here.


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