Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Margarida)

Why did the book ended like this?! What a cliffhanger!! I’m so curious right now and I will have to wait until next year!!

This book was so good! Like crazy good and I loved every word! It was pretty confusing at the beginning because of the realms and everything was messed up! I didn’t like seeing characters I love from the Dark-Hunters series being mean in other realms!!

My baby Nicky!!



I really REALLY love him! He’s so damn funny and sarcastic ! Or I’m laughing of what he says or I’m my heart is melting and I’m just smiling like a crazy person. I really like seeing him in this book he was so courageous and he’s always there for his friends, wait not just his friends he saves people that he barely knows. He has such a pure heart I really hope he can win his battle with dark side.

This book was really focused on Kody and discovering more about her. Finally I had some answers! I wasn’t really surprised when Kody said who she was. First because they were many clues throughout the book and second a friend of mine read the book first and she spoiled me. Yeah but it was an awesome spoiler and I was super happy.

Caleb didn’t show up many times and when he did he broke my heart. Seriously dude not okay! I just wanted to pull you to my lap and hug you forever!


Oh.My.God Nick’s mom! I just love her! She’s awesome!! ahahah everyone is afraid of her. And I mean everyone. Even Savitar and Ash. When someone messes with her son! Uhuh you better watch your back because Cherise will torture you!!

So there were some new characters. Xevikan(such a weird name) and Levia. Levia seems pretty cool and I didn’t have any problems with her yet. Xev I don’t know! I love him but I’m afraid of being disappointed in the next book but he was so adorable and every time I remember when he met Nick’s mom 😥 It was so sad and I’m glad Cherise  because in that moment I wanted to hug him myself.

Adarian really surprised me. I have a relationship of love/hate with this guy but in this book I loved him he was so so so so so so adorable with Nick!!

This book ended in the way that makes me want to build a time machine and go to the future to read the next book! I NEED IT!

5 stars

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