My adventure with Percy Jackson series (Carolina)

I and the Percy Jackson series have a troubled journey. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I saw the movie first and just then I read the book. Which means I read it in 2010 four years ago. So as you may imagine I forgot about most of it. After I read the first I read the next two and never put my hands on the rest of the series again because it wasn’t really my favourite and it wasn’t translated in Portuguese so I let it got a little forgotten in my mind. But then I made a Goodreads account and started following youtubers and everyone loved these books and loved even more the Heroes of Olympus. So for a long time I have been thinking that I should give this series a try again and see if I can love it as much as everyone else. I really hope I do. And I’m planning on marathoning the all five books, and then start with HoH. Let’s see if I can do that. Because I really, really want to love Percy Jackson and all the other characters. I just hope Rick doesn’t kill him. Because that would be just really mean.

Wish me luck!


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