Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Carolina)

First of all, oh my goodness! This book was without a doubt the best book I read in the Chronicles of Nick series. Illusion blew my mind away. I loved every single thing about it.

WARNING spoilers down bellow

The realms and the differences and similarities on our characters personalities in both of the realms. The Deveraux sisters. Ash. Simi. Even Artemis. But most of all Nick freaking Burdette! Good God, the Nick that was sent back to our world was an absolute nightmare! Pussy Nick doesn’t fit the Nick in my head. My Nicky is fearless and sarcastic and funny and perfect. Burdette Nick was just yukes! But thanks God we didn’t have to read a lot about him.

My Nicky is just the best. He is always trying to melt me, but then I just burst laughing so hard I mostly forget why was I melting a few words before. That guy is the best. He has such a pure heart I can’t believe what he is meant to be. That his destiny is to kill everyone he ever loved. I just can’t believe it. But I guess that if looses Cherise he will loose it. I hope they can keep her alive this time.
I really liked seeing Nick embracing all his inherited powers and dealing with them, fighting his true nature and focusing on his love for his mom, Kody and all his friends. That boy is just too good to be true.

So this book was also really focused on Nekoda. We found out a lot about her past and why she had the intention of killing Nick on sight. And even if I disliked her in the former books now that I know who her father is, I can’t anymore. I read Inferno before I read Styxx’s book, so by then I didn’t do any math in my head, but when I started with Kody’s POV in this book, the puzzle’s pieces started to fit in my head. How she always talked about her brother Ari (that name rang some bells in my head), that the symbol in her shield was a black phoenix, the way she thought about her dad and uncle, and how she was related to Egypcian’s Gods. Well I have pretty convinced that she was Styxx’s daughter. But I tried not to get my hopes to high because that was just too good to be true. Then she confirmed it and I literally jumped. Several times. I was so happyyy! I’m still so happy! God I can’t believe she’s Ash’s niece. I can picture Ash and Styxx going to Nick to warn him about their girl. GOD HELP ME! And now that I found out that this series will have 12 freaking books I’m not sure how am I supposed to wait that long to see that moment. If the author keeps this ritm writing the last book will be out in…2021 WHAT THE HELL! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! WHAT WHAT WHAT NOOOO I NEED IT NOW

I’m going to try and move on.

In Illusion we didn’t have as much Malphas as usual and that was a damn shame because I love that man with my heart and soul. He’s just the best. This series is just filled with characters I love. In the end when we got to know Xevikan and I saw Caleb’s pain…damn it broke my heart and I hated Xevikan with everything I had in that moment. But when Xev went to save Nekoda, and how he reacted to Cherise’s motherly love, good god. I fell in love. again! I’m so damn curious about him and his story! I really want to know what happened between him and Malphas and I have a felling they are…brothers? Not sure, but I’m pretty sure they have a blood bond. Brothers seam like something close to right.
I’m also curious about his powers, the way Kody reacted when she found out who he was freaked me out, but the book had to end right there and leave me to suffer for a whole year. That’s just mean.
I also liked Levia. She was cute in a certain way.

Let’s not forget Savitar! Another men I love! Even if he’s not the same man I knew from DH series I still loved reading about him. The same goes for Ash! He’s dark but his heart is still good under all of that! It was weird to know that he was happy with Artie and Katra had a happy childhood with his parents. It was even weirder to see a little Ash and a Simi calling him grandpa. Anyway it was really cool and a great idea.
The Deveraux sister’s let me down on the other realm. But I guess that they couldn’t be all good souls. Even though it was weird to see Amanda and Tabu allied with the enemy.

I also liked how Nick used the word Illusion in the end to describe how he felt about Nekoda being safe and sound back in his arms.

So now I guess I’ll just wait here for Defiant5 stars to come out.



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