The Queen’s Army by Marissa Meyer (Margarida)

Awwwww little Z!!! *-* So cute and adorable! But then he’s recruited to be part of the Queen’s Army he’s 12!! 12!!! God that Queen is so gaaah no words. A 12 year old has to learn how to fight and defend himself. He shouldn’t have been fighting! He should have been playing with other kids!

Oh god a his brother!!! Another character I hate! God seriously?! He protects you takes a beating for defending you and you say:

“Did you have to embarrass me on my first day?”

“You always have to show me up. I thought this was my chance to prove myself, but of all the soldiers, I have to be grouped with you. Stuck in your shadow, again.” He shook his head and Z thought maybe there was wetness in his eyes before he spun away. “Just leave me alone, Z. Just…forget we were ever brothers at all.”

What an asshole! The worst of it is that he thinks he’s awesome but then HE SUCKS!!

I really liked this short story though I should have read this before I read Scarlet and not after! I loved to learn a bit more about Wolf. I love him!

4 stars


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