The King by J.R. Ward (Margarida)

I missed this series so much!!!!!!!! The last book was awesome and I loved it and I was so excited to hear that the next one was going to be about Beth and Wrath again! YAY!

At the beginning I wasn’t loving the book I was thinking humm I’m liking it but there are too many POVs but then everything starting to connect and I starting to love it!

So in Qhuinn and Blay’s book we were introduced to Sola and Assail and I actually liked their story my friends were like god there so boring and I don’t like them. But for me it was different. I liked it. And I was excited to know what was going to happen to them in this book. I was so surprised with Assail he was a beast protecting Sola! And when he found her!!!!! It was so sweet!!! I was kinda sad at the end when she left with her grandmother 😦 Btw I love the twins!! I loved when her grandmother was being the boss of them eheh

There was also chapters about the past. ABOUT WRATH’S PARENTS!!!!!!!! I loved it!! How they met. How they fell in love. How Wrath’s dad learned how to fight with the Black Dagger Brotherhood…wait! Do you know who showed up!! Aghony and Thorture! And who are they?? Aghony is the twins father and Thorture is Rhage dad!!!! How exciting 😀

At first I wasn’t understanding the why of Abalone POV but as the story progressed I started to understand. He had an important role, he helped Wrath as his father also helped Wrath’s dad.

Trez and iAm POVs!!! I loved it! I love them!! I really liked to see Trez and Selena together! Selena is awesome!!! Eheheh
Omg iAm and Boo!!!! *-* Ahahahah iAm was so funny!! At first he was like no you goddamn cat leave me alone I don’t like you but Boo is a fighter and he didn’t give up until he had iAm’s love!  Beth and iAm together were pretty sweet especially when iAm told Beth some of his secrets! It was so adorable !!

Xcor!! I can’t say how much I love him!!! When he first showed up in the series I hated him!! He was the one that wanted to kill my babies!! So yeah of course I hated him. But then he met Layla and and my little heart started to beat a little faster when I read about him and yup I totally fell in love with him!!! He just keeps surprising me and in a good way!! He changes when he is with Layla and I really really hope there will be a book about him and her! There is another thing I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT!!! THE BASTARDS AND THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD TOGETHER!!

Sem Título

(I think I have a future in arts. Don’t you think? :P)

Ah there was also Saxton’s POV!! I really hope he finds a good male and that they will be happy forever! He deserves it after falling in love with Blay and losing him. I HATE HIS FATHER! HOW DARE HIM!!!!!!

JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN JOHN He’s absolutely one of my favorites! When he first showed up he was so vulnerable and we saw him transforming in the male he is now and he’s awesome. I love him.
I love seeing him with Beth! He’s always so worried about her but then she’s also worried about and they’re adorable! John and Xhex!!! *-*

Noooow LASSITER!!!!!!! He’s so funny omg when he showed up in the Elvis custom!! I was almost crying from laughing so much! I want to know more about!!

The King and The Queen!!!!!!! OH.MY.GOD!
In the beginning of the book they were making me cry for all the wrong reasons! It was so sad seeing them fight and yell at each other and saying things they didn’t mean to say. It broke my heart. But then they just realized that they love each other and they would make everything they could to make the each other happy. The needing wow guys calm your hormones!! Jesus! Ahahahah 8/9h on the bathroom floor that must have been super comfortable.

So the last thing I have to say is that I loved this book!! I can’t wait to read the next one!! And J.R.Ward keep doing what you’re doing! This series is amazing. Definitely one of my favorites.

5 stars

Full Review —> with spoilers


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