Glitches by Marissa Meyer (Margarida)

The first short story of The Lunar Chronicles! There are two more: The Little Android and The Queen’s Army.

I really liked this short story.

It shows the firsts weeks in Cinder new home. She meets Peony, she’s so adorable!!!!!
Pearl and Adri, I hate this two!!! God Adri is so mean!!! How can she call a eleven year old those names?! Calling Cinder a thing. Bitch.

It was really sad to see Garan, the one that brought her to New Beijing, when he told his family that he had Letumosis and their reaction. 😦 Heartbreaking.

I really liked to read the parts between Peony and Cinder. That was how they became friends! Peony is always so adorable and sweet and while other people are disgusted by cyborgs(like her mother) she thinks its cool and she wanted to be like Cinder so she wouldn’t have to hear her mother yell.

Cinder fixes her first android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Iko!!! I love this girl/android!!! She’s so funny!

4 stars

Reviews of the series:


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