The King by J. R. Ward (Carolina)

As usual this was another AWESOME book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Well, I have to admit that in the first half of the book I was tempted to give it only four stars because there was too many Assail and Sola chapters. But then it just got better and better.

It’s true that this book has a ton of different POV but apart from the ones mentioned above I love them all. Of course I loved reading Wrath’s and Beth’s. But Trez’z and Xcor’s are also too damn good! I love those males with all my heart. I hope the next book is about one of them, because I’m not sure I can handle a whole book about Assail or Sola.

Let’s set things down about those two. It’s not that I hate them. It’s just that I don’t give a shit about them. I can’t get myself interested in their story. I just can’t. In this book I even liked Assail a little bit more than I did in the previous book but my interest in his story is the same. And one thing I can’t stand about him is his addiction to coke. I know both Rehv and Phury had their addictions and they didn’t matter to me but Assail’s?! I just can’t. The one thing I liked in their POV was Erihc and Sola’s grandma.

Another POV I wasn’t really interested was Abe’s. But he grew on me! And I ended up really liking him and what he did for everyone.
And that daughter of his…I have a feeling she will end up with someone! Maybe one of the bastards or iAm. Or someone else. I’m not really sure if I’ll like her because glymera females aren’t really my thing. I’m not a big fan of Marissa or Ehlena. Or Cormia. I know Ehlena and Cormia weren’t part of the glymera but they had their principles. Well I give up. I just don’t like them all that much. But I like Selena and Layla!

Then the POV I loved. The Shadows! I love iAm! And whenever he interacted with Selena, Trez or the Queen I was just melting inside. But the best of all was iAm and Boo! oh my god those two together was freaking perfect.
Then Trez! I love that male! I’m not even sure which brother I love the most. And I also love Selena. I want them to be happy so much! Ward has everything ready in here to write their book next. I’d like that very much.
I want to know what these two will have in their futures. Happiness has to be there somewhere.

We also had a few Saxton’s POV. I also love that male! And I was hoping when I started reading his first chapter that he would meet someone. But no! He was meeting his son of a bitch of a father. I hate that men with all my heart. I hope Ward is planning on writing a book about him in the future.

The Band of Bastards! I was surprised by Xcor and disappointed by Throe. Anyway I love Xcor. And he’s another very good option for the next book! Xcor and Layla are the best. I adore seeing them together. And Xcor has been proving himself! He’s truly a male of honor when he wants to be, I hope he keeps with this attitude because if the BDB and BoB allied everything would become a lot easier! More fighter’s to fight and more fighter’s blood to have baby fighter’s. Everything would be perfect! They just need to stop being stubborn and think it straight. I can see some of them become such good friends. I just can. But Throe?! I can’t trust him right now. He’s was a son of a bitch for Layla! A pregnant female!!! WHERE ARE YOUR INSTINCTS BOY?! Just fuck the hell off.

I also adored getting to know Wrath’s parents! Those chapters in the past were awesome! And beautiful. I cried in 80% of them. Just beautiful how they met, how they fell in love. How he was so protective of her that he even learned how to fight to avhenge her! And now the best part…WHO TAUGHT HIM?! Freaking Aghony and Thorture!!!!! When I saw their names and the wheels in my brain started spinning I couldn’t help it but fangirl because they were the twins and Rhage’s dads. Just perfect! We also met the brother Night but I never heard of him before…

Oh god! JOHN! He’s another of my favourites and this book just only made my love for that male grow. He’s perfect in everyway possible. He was always there for Beth and when he was giving support to Wrath…God help him. I need a John Matthew in my life. And we saw him with Xhex… asdfghjkl no words to describe my feelings.
I’d like to see a little more of Qhuay but well, we had their book previously, so I guess it makes sense we didn’t get to see them all that much in this book, but I need their mating ceremony. And I want to see if either John or Blay will in induced in the Brotherhood. I hope so! I also want Payne to. And things keep in this path Trez would be another great Brother. Just my opinion !

Finally the Queen and the King. Oh crap this book was perfect! So many plot twists! In the second half of the book my mind was just spinning and spinning with everything that was happening. All the twists.
In the beginning both of them were getting on my nerves. Wrath being a stubborn bastard. Yelling at Beth and telling her he would never service her in her needing! I wanted to slap him! Then Beth refused to see his POV of the situation and only yelled back and was a stubborn bitch! But after the needing finally came… That was where thing just started to get from pretty good to DAMN AWESOME. I’ll just put it all under a spoiler because I will just spill all my feelings about everything.

A few thins I can’t forget to mention! I love LASSITER that angel in the best! Every time he showed up he made me laugh so hard I ended up tearing up.
Then I was glad the Scribe Virgin didn’t appear to help them all. I liked that they were able to fix everything by themselves without the deity’s help.
I’m also curious about Murdher. Ward introduced him in John’s book and then he never heard of him again. I don’t want her to just forget about him.

5 stars

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2 responses to “The King by J. R. Ward (Carolina)

  1. Great review! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You’re right Ward is really good at setting the stage for her next book(s). With the Bastards and IAm and Trez this series can keep going and flourish. It’s exciting! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you so much! I can’t freaking wait to get my hands on the next book about Trez and iAm! Those two will easily become some of my favourites if Ward keeps them right! πŸ˜€

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