Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux (Joana)

I’m getting out of ideas to write reviews to this Series because I love it so much that I have to try really hard to right something decent and not just fangirl over these amazing characters and amazing story! Of course that being re-reading this over and over doesn’t help on not becoming repetitive of the things that I have to say. But you know what? I don’t care. I love these books and I’ll keep reading them and fangirling about them. Forever. So get used to it. 

I love this book. I just love it! I love road trips and a road with Ty, Zane and Julian Cross was the most fun thing ever. 

I love that characters of other books make appearances in Cut & Run books. I read Warrior’s Cross, was not one of my favorite books because I think that there was so much to tell about Julian story – his past – and Preston’s too that wasn’t told. And even his relationship with Cam was so quick that I felt disappointed, but I love Julian and I’m completely crazy about Preston so them being in Ty & Zane’s book was amazing. And Soon they will be in Nick & Kelly’s book, Cross & Crown, too and I couldn’t be more excited!!  (You can find my review of Warrior’s Cross here).

And Nick is in the book too and I love him. Re-reading this after reading Ball & Chain and knowing that things that happen in this book triggers Nick’s problem breaks my heart. When he says to Zane “I knew I’d already lost him” it has a whole new meaning now and it hurts so much. 

Just imagining Ty & Preston together makes my head start spinning. It must have been so fucking HOT!!! Damn I would love to read about that time.  FANGIRLING SO HARD! 

I love you Preston. And Ty and Zane and Nick and Julian and Kelly (he’s not in this book but I don’t care because I love him to damn much not to mention him). I’m so obsessed ! 

5 stars

Full Review


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