Cress by Marissa Meyer (Carolina)

Cress was so, so good!!! It earned a place in my favourite shelf! After I read Cinder I never thought a book in the Lunar Chronicles could be that good. But then I read Scarlet and it was just so much better than the first one that I braced myself for Cress. At least I tried to because nothing on Earth or Luna could have prepared me for such a freaking perfect book life this one. Everything about it! Every single POV. I have to admit that Cress’ and Thorne’s were my favourites but I also loved the rest of them. All and every single one mainly because it maid it able for the readers to follow everything that was happening in Earth, Space and Luna.


Not just the different POV showed the brilliance of this book! Also the constants plot twists. We are bombed constantly throughout the book with them. I think Cress’ true identity was pretty obvious but the rest of them?! Just fabulous.

Thorne was my favourite character since he first appeared in the second book. He was just so cocky and smart mouthed that I fell in love right away. And when I realized that in the third book he was the male protagonist I almost jumped in my bedroom from all the happiness! He is now on my top 3 book boyfriends. Along with Jem and Warner. Thorne was that good!

I also liked Cress. She was pretty adorable with all her fairytales fantasies about Thorne. Even if she cried a lot I think she had every reason to. She spent seven years stuck in a satellite. I think everyone would be a little shaken after finding themselves in a huge planet. I certainly would.

The characters we met in previous book I kept my opinion about most of them. I love Scarlet and Wolf. I like Cinder and Kai. The doc was okay. Lunar Queen and her taumatrages are just worthless pieces of s*it.

The new ones…Well I’m still pretty confused about Jacin. But the worse is Princess Winter. She seemed completely out of her mind. I have no idea what to think about her and that only makes the waiting for her book worse. Then I’m also confused about ages. Winter looked like she was a child to me and maybe I was wrong. And Jacin seemed too old for her, in my head he has early thirties. But probably I’m wrong again. Probably he is just in his late teens and I was completely distracted. I hope so.

5 stars


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