Sins of The Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

This was not one of my favorite Dark-Hunter books although Alexion surprised me. I thought that I wasn’t going to like him but I was wrong. I like him. He’s far, far away from being on my top list but he is pretty decent and kind of sexy (I just don’t get what Sherrilyn sees in boys with long hair) and I admire his loyalty to Ash. It’s Danger that I don’t like very much. I started the book with a very low opinion of her because she was being a stupid girl and believing all the bullshit that Stryker was telling about Acheron.

What the fuck were all of those dumb Dark-Hunters thinking? How can they say those things about Ash after all the does for them? 

Alexion’s and Danger’s romance was nothing special but I like how things turned out to them. Thanks to Ash.

Savitar appeared!! 😀

My favorite parts of the book was with the Charonte Demons. Simi and Xirena. I’m really glad that Alexion is Xirena’s akri and that she and Simi are reunited. They are so funny !! I love Simi. Poor Ash and Alexion… living with two demons in Katoteros. I wish them good luck.

Simi and Xiren are so very lucky. Acheron and Alexion love them so much, specially Simi. I loved the end of the book because of them.

My baby Ash I love him so much! ❤ 

3.5 star

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