Take a Chance by Abbi Glines (Margarida)

I was so excited to read this book but so freaking afraid at the same time. And now….I just don’t know…I loved Grant before. He was awesome in the Too Far series but in this book he was able to disappoint me. I have so many mixed feelings right now. He was a coward at the beginning and there were things he did that I’m still trying to forgive and I don’t understand how Harlow forgave him that fast. Then, thanks to Rush, he started to fight for her and I loved the guy that fought for the girl.  But at the end( I mean in the last few pages of the book) I just wanted to punch Grant. I think he hasn’t healed from the loss. He has to start working on that or he will lose Harlow and I know he doesn’t want that because he really loves her and he’s so blind by the idea of losing the people he loves that he just freaked out about the secret he found out and if he keeps being this way and saying the things he said to Harlow this will not be good. I gave this book 4 starts because I still have hope Grant will start acting like an adult and do still love him but he has to work a lot in the next book for me and Harlow to forgive him.

4 stars

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