Unraveled by Jen Frederick (Carolina)

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This look lived up to my expectations in most ways, but then there’s one thing that kind ruin the New Adult books for me. These books focus too much on sex. At least most of the ones I read. But apart from that the book was really good.

I fell totally in love with the boys! I love everything with Military on it. Here my favourite was Bo! Now I’m super curious to read his book. But I also liked our main character in this story. Gray was super sexy and sweet! I liked his background story and understood his insecurities. And most of all I loved his friendship with the other boys. When they mocking each other and trowing punches I just was awing. Because girls can be really bitches to each other, I think boys friendship usually are much more stable and strong than friendship between two females most of the times. And these triplet was awesome!

Samantha was okay. It’s not easy for me to love a female character and this one was no exception. I don’t hate her, but she’s not one of the few girls I love.

Now what I didn’t like about this book was the sex. It’s not that they had too much. What I think about most NA books is that they think about sex and get horny in the most ridiculous moments. Like when she almost died, he got horny. Like what the hell! I think I’d be too terrified by the experience to think about anything besides that I was alive and in one piece. But well, I’m not the most experienced person in these matters. Maybe I’m wrong and one day realize that people are just like that.

3.5 star


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