Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Carolina)

This one took me awhile to get into, but hell! It was freaking worth it! I think that what made me linger a little too long in the first half of it was that it wasn’t anything that I expected it to be. I thought that it would be a Disney Cinderella story! And thanks God it wasn’t. The other reason was that the world so, so different and with a lot of different names, that I found myself a little lost. But when I got into it, it was awesome!

The slight resemblances to the original Cinderella story were one of my favourite things! At the same time this book brought memories from my childhood and showed me a build a whole new idea of Cinderella in my mind. Cinder is a lot better than the character she was based in. Cinder is strong and speaks her mind. Even if I think that she cares too much about what people will think about her being a cyborg. I found this idea kinda weird at first, but through the book I guess I got used to it. I think the part when Cinderella lost her slipper in this book was hilarious, I know I wasn’t supposed to laugh at such a serious part, but I just couldn’t help it. One thing I also liked about Cinder was that it wasn’t too focused in the romance. In one hand I think I’d have liked a little more Kai/Cinder interacting, but in the other I liked that they focused their energies most of the time in more serious matters. Speaking of Kai, I really liked him! I didn’t think he wasn’t one of those guys I would swoon just of looking at him, but yeah, cute enough!

Now some of the other characters, I think it’s worthless to say that I hate her stepmom and older sister. But I really liked Peony and Iko, I also hate the Lunar Queen obviously and her Lunar friend. The doctor… I’m still not sure. I want to trust him but I’m afraid I can’t. I guess he will have to win my trust.

Another thing I really, really enjoyed about this book were the different POV! It was really good to see the story from more than the main character perspective. And I liked how we got briefly introduced to the main characters of the following books. I’m pretty sure the girl on the connection between Luna and Earth was Cress, by the description of her long, loooong hair. And Winter got mentioned as well as the Queen’s stepdaughter. Still have no idea why on Earth Luna that bitch Queen would want to adopt anyone. I guess I’ll find out sooner or later.

4 stars


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