The 100 s01e02 (Carolina)

Oh my this looks so promising. I’m loving this TV show so much! It reminds of some books I read, like Gone by Michael Grant. They are all kids and have to survive on their own.

After the end on the previous episode with the death of one of the main kids I couldn’t wait to see how the second episode was going to be. I had high expectations and the episode lived to them. This was so good! The story is so intriguing.

First I already knew the guy wasn’t dead. In the promo I saw that, and that’s one thing I hate about promos, they spoil us and ruin some of the best moments. I avoid them at any cost but sometimes I end up seeing them and I don’t even know why.

So the worst part of this episode were the politics on the spaceship, I can see how it is important and it didn’t took more than 5 min in the whole episode. What I love the most is seeing Earth after all those years after the war. The part with the butterflies was really beautiful and I also liked the panther, even if I hate the idea that they had to eat it. Poor kitty.

My relationship with the characters is the problematic. I hate most of them and dislike the rest. I think there’s isn’t a single character I love. And that makes me think that or there’s something wrong with me or there’s something wrong with the show. The girls annoy me. And the boys most of them are just dumbass cavemen. I really liked the one who ended up hanged on a tree but now I’m not sure he will see the light of another day. If he doesn’t get to the ground soon his shoulders will give out under is weight his lungs stop working and all that crap and then goodbye boy I manged to care about. I also like the Asian boy, he’s cute.

I’m also trying to like Finn, but that freaking hair kills it for me. Didn’t they bring scissors down to Earth? If not they should. But a knife will do the job, I’ll volunteer for it if that’s what it takes. But that’s not the only problem, I can smell a love triangle coming. And I truly dislike them. The mechanic who has a boyfriend on Earth?! I can see that the mysterious boyfriend is Finn and when she goes down with blondie’s mom she will end up fucking things for Finn and Blondie.

So another 5 star episode. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

5 stars



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