Simple Perfection by Abbi Gline (Margarida)

Okay this book was wow. I’m still recovering. When I was writing the review on Goodreads I started to cry and sobbing so as you can see it wasn’t a very happy book.

When I started to read this book I knew a spoiler and later I found out another spoiler that had to do with the first spoiler. It was a really bad spoiler. And when I read that part in the book it was devastating. I never thought Abbi would do this to us.

Besides this little issue I really liked the book though it had a slow beginning but then it started to pick up when Della started to be stronger and finding out more things about her.

Now I’m totally excited to read Grant’s book!!! I really liked him!! I also loved Harlow when I met her she was pretty easy to relate with.

  • She reads a lot  (checked)
  • She picks a book and closes herself in her room (double checked!)

So yeah I’m pretty excited to read more about these two!! And please Abbi do not surprise me with bad stuff!! My heart can’t take so many books that make me cry.

4 stars

Full Review

You can see my review of the first book in this link.


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