Reign s01e16 (Carolina)

Finally an episode good! The last two were quite slow and added very little to the story. But this one?! Oh hell, this was had such a plot twist I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cry because I didn’t like the outcome or laugh because it was ridiculous. The King is a hole full of ridiculousness.

This episode follows a annual festivity called ‘The Queen of the Bean’. There’s a cake with one bean hidden in it, then it’s sliced up and distributed between servant girls. The one who finds the Bean is nominated Queen for a day. The chosen girl is a servant named Penelope, in the beginning she looks nice and sweet but ends up being a cruel bitch.

The Queen aware of Henry’s madness talks with Nostradamus and he gives her a vial with something that will put Henry in a coma, so that France can be saved, because it’s quite obvious that if the King keeps doing what he has been doing things will go really, really bad, not only for the characters but also to his kingdom. Queen sees her opportunity in the girl and gives her the vial so she will give the king. The girl being a bitch as she is, tells the King and Henry ends up giving the vial content to Catherine. Also in the part of the episode focused on the king we find out he was the one who ordered Francis’ guards to kill Bash! And when he is under a madness attack he tries to behead Bash. That King will certainly become a problem even bigger than he already is really soon.

Then we also have brothers drama. Bash frightened by what he saw in the woods returns to the castle to ask for his father’s help to hunt down the creature. Francis even being a little jealous brat ends up being the one going with Bash on the hunt. Francis falls in a frozen lake and Bash saves him. Finally these two become brothers again, because before they just looked like they were crazy jealous guys over the same girl. The plot twist involves Bash but I’ll save that for the end.

Beside the brothers and the King we also follow Mary’s ladies marriages. Right in the beginning we meet Julien, Greer fiancée. But Greer in a moment of weakness kisses the baker boy again and Julien sees them and refuses to marry her. Then there’s Lola who is running out of time, she doesn’t even fit in some of her clothes anymore. Mary finds a solution for those two. Lola marries Julien and Greer agrees to that funny lord who proposed to her in the previous episode. I believe Greer will truly marry him, but Lola… I’m not sure if it’s going to be that easy. In the end just Kenna is left unmarried. The King finds a solution for that and...PLOT TWIST! He makes Bash marry Kenna. LIKE WTF! I didn’t want that. I also didn’t want Bash to go to Spain. But marry Kenna?!?!? That little whore? Hell no. That’s not what I wanted for my Bash. I want to see where this is going. Damn curious to find out.

Oh and Nostradamus and crazy blondie do a great couple.

Five stars to this episode. Even if I didn’t like how it ended, I missed this plot twists. And I managed to see all my favourite characters. And a lot of fates were settled, at least for now.

5 stars


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