The Tomorrow People s01e 12 to 14 (Carolina)

Episode 12

I love when I’m right! Finally an episode I can give 5 stars! I love getting to know John better, learning about his past and not about another character’s character was damn awesome! He was such a sweet and cute kid. And I liked the old man! Not fair the Ultra have to kill everyone they set up their eyes on.

I hate Stephen’s blondie trainee partner! She is a true bitch. She deserves to be stripped of her powers, maybe then she will learn to be a good friend or to be a part of a team.

Oh the thing I was right about is Luca! I suspected he had powers for so long! I’m damn curious to know how this will turn out.

And John… oh god, I can’t say he surprised me in this episode. He is always such a good friend. When I saw the beginning of the episode with Astrid being shot at and then later when John offered to take care of her I was so expecting him to save her. And when he was shot, even if I knew he would be okay I was worried sick.

Also in this episode I tried to picture Astrid with John, but in my head that’s not happening! I can’t see John with anyone for now. Maybe I’ll change my mind about someone or there will be a new character or John will turn out gay. Not sure who I’d like him to be gay with but well, I could live with that. What I can’t live with is John and Cara together.

5 stars

Episode 13

Oh crap! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT! That I wasn’t expecting!!! When they mentioned more powerful Tomorrow People, when both their parents had powers, I thought Stephen could be one of those but the only option in my head for that was that he had another mom. Never thought Marla had powers! I’m so surprised. I was so not seeing this plot twist coming!

But now does Luck have powers or not?! I suppose he has, but maybe he doesn’t know yet? Because sure as hell his secret was the crappiest thing! Like anyone cares he has a bong.

Then we have that guy, the Creator. I knew I couldn’t trust him, Stephen was kinda dumb to trust him, but I can’t really blame him. He didn’t have another option.

Now let’s repeat what I say every single review. I HATE CARA! Kicking John out?! What the hell, girl? Are you out of goddamn mind?! I am the one who should be kicking you out of the face of the earth. Damn it. Not sure what I want to happen now. But I do know I want to everyone to see what a bitch Cara his, and then they can just kick her out. Or kill her that would be even better.


Episode 14

I’m starting to realize there is no redemption for Jedikiah! He’s sick to his head. Who could even think of doing such a horrible thing to his own brother?! Moving on…

This episode broke my heart. I have always had a soft spot for twins and seeing episode 14 was just a stab in my heart. Even if they were evil and kind crazy, I hate seeing twins being slit up.

Speaking of hate, I hate romantic moments between John and Cara. Thanks God John seems to be getting a little smarter when it comes to girls because he just turned his back on her! If I wasn’t already in bed I’d be happy dancing right now. But where did he go?! He wasn’t in Stephen’s house for all I could see. Not good!

This one will go with only 4 stars.

4 stars


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