The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Margarida)

I read this book in January because I really wanted to see the movie so I read the book first and it was heartbreaking.

Just by writing this I’m remembering the book and I’m starting to cry. This is not cool.

So I loved the book is absolutely one of my favorites because though Markus made story this probably happened to thousand of kids in the Second World War and again this breaks my heart and I just think how can people be so mean and kill people just because of their religion they’re innocents and they die because one man thinks I don’t like Jewish people let’s kill them.

I think it was the day after I read the book I watched the movie and again crying and more crying and whyyyyyy and more crying. My brother actually caught me watching the movie and it was the part Rudy dies and I just can’t stop crying and my brother comes in and stars making fun of me and god it was embarrassing. They made Rudy’s death so more painful in the movie it was awful.

5 stars

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6 responses to “The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Margarida)

  1. I just read The Book Thief recently and created a discussion blog post here I think with your recent reading and movie viewing that you would be a great person to have a conversation with about it. Please view my blog and contribute as much as you would like to my discussion post!
    Thank you for your insight! I look forward to reading some of your other works!

  2. i remember getting the book in year nine, i stopped reading it when i realized it was about the Nazi , which sounds insensitive but all they ever thought me in history was Hitler.

    • You should definitely finish it!!! It’s an amazing book. It has a very sensitive subject, the Nazis, but it’s more of what they did affect thousand maybe millions of people and in this case is little Liesel.

      • yeah, i dont think i have it anymore, we were supposed to read it and pass it on but no one i knew wanted it. my friends will still have it though, stashed away in their cupboard somewhere, i highly doubt they even attempted to read it. i like the whole description about the different coulours, it’s why i tried to read it despite the depressing cover.

      • At least watch the movie!! Maybe the movie will make you curious about the book and you will read it

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