Once Upon a Time s03e14 (Carolina)

So this episode as usual will focus on two different actions. One in the Enchanted Forest and one is Storybrooke. In both of them we follow mainly David/Prince Charming facing his fears, in particular his fear of not being able to be a good father for his new baby. He lost Emma twice in the past and the fear of not being good enough for his second child is overwhelming.

In the past he talks with Robin Hood and finds out about a special root able to take all your fears, as expected he wants to find it. And obviously it would be that easy. He finds the root and before he has the chance to eat it, he ears someone screaming for help. As charming as his name he can’t resist to save a damsel in distress and runs to the opportunity to save her. He finds a tower and finds Rapunzel! I was happy to see a new character in this episode, one of my favourites from Disney. And was even gladder to see that she isn’t the usual Rapunzel! She has dark skin and even darker hair, not our usual blondie Rapunzel. I also liked how the root worked on your fears. It wouldn’t make them disappear, it would make you face your worst fear. Rapunzel fear was that she wouldn’t be able to rule her parents kingdom after they were gone, again as expected she faced it with Charming help and went home. We didn’t see Charming using the root, so I suppose he understood the best way to be fearless would be going home and try to be dad.

In Storybrooke the story goes in a different way, but the idea is the same. Instead of pursuing the root, David is forced to take it by the Wicked Witch and then he has to face himself and defeat his fear. He used his sword and its hilt took his courage and now I’m curious about what the Wicked Witch and the hilt. What does she need it for?!

Besides David we had some Captain Swan moments that I was almost screaming ‘KISS!!’ at the computer screen, it was useless becauseĀ  they didn’t kiss goddammit! Is it too much to want another kiss between Hook and Emma?! I don’t think so. So please give it to me soon!!!

Oh and I can’t freaking wait to see Rumple good and free! I’m looking forward to see everyone’s reactions to him being alive! Specially Belle’s. I’ll probably cry. Let’s see how it goes. And btw I hope the Wicked Witch or Zelena or whatever keeps down with the baby. I want it good and healthy in its family’s arms. So stay away bitch!

4 stars


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