Kiss Of The Night by Sherrily Kenyon (Joana)

It’s been so long since I last read a Dark-Hunter book and I hate myself for it. I love this series so much and it was not until I start reading this book that I noticed how much I missed it. 
This book almost drove me crazy as I believe all the others will since I read Acheron’s and Styxx’s book before I read the majority of the others, I already know somethings that are going to happen. I know important details and knowing those things while reading the books before Acheron’s and Styxx’s is so stressful!  Also I read this in Portuguese and I am just not use to it anymore. English is so much better. Reading in Portuguese is so weird although it is my first language.

Since this books is happens at the same time as Talon’s, Kyrian’s and Zarek’s books is nice to try to place the events. And was amazing seeing them fight with Wulf and Ash. I love when they are all together. 
And Urian… I can’t tell you how much I love him!
I really did miss the Dark-Hunters. 


4 stars

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