Tomorrow People s01e05 to 11 (Carolina)

This is another TV Show I wasn’t sure I was going to like at first but now I’m falling in love with the characters. Well not all the characters, I’m basically only falling in love with John. Oh and Russell. I can’t stand Cara, only looking at her face makes me want to punch her. Since the very first episode, even before she opened her mouth, so I think it’s not really her fault. I just don’t like her. So as you may imagine I don’t want her with John. I am team Stephen in this matter. Even if I don’t like Stephen either all that much. I also like Jedikiah, I think he can be a good guy when he wants too.

It’s also important to say that this TV show is about the Tomorrow People, the next step in evolution of human kind. The Tomorrow People has developed three powers, know as the three T’s. Telekinesis, Teleportation and Telepathy. These guys are hunted down by Ultra, a governmental society that thinks the Tomorrow People should be eradicated. The main character, Stephen besides the three T’s he has another power, he can stop time, and he’s the son of one of the leaders of the Tomorrow People that has been missing for years. In order to find his dad Stephen will work under cover for the Ultra. Like a double agent. The actual leader of the Tomorrow People s John, and he’s with Cara. When Stephen shows up, he and Cara develop a connection.

Yesterday night I saw 4 episodes (05 to 08), now I’ll start writing my opinion on the episodes I see.

Episode 9

Wow! This episode was damn good! In episode 9 we finally have more information on Stephen’s dad, Roger! And oh hell, if my heart didn’t stop on those last 5minutes worried sick about Stephen, I think I might like him a little more than I thought. Even if seeing John watching Cara’s reaction to loosing Stephen broke my heart! John deserves better. But I also didn’t like the way him and Astrid stared at each other. I think the only person worthy of him in my brain is myself. Well that’s not easy to accomplish.

And Jedikiah was the best! I knew from the moment he put the pillow on Morgan’s head I knew he wouldn’t be really killing her! He moved the Earth and the Moon to keep her safe, and now he would just put a bullet in her brain?! I don’t think so! But I’m glad he has some good in him, it gives me hope!


Episode 10

Well I’m damn curious about that end! Who’s that guy? Another Tomorrow People? Is he related to Roger? Or one of the bad guys? Can’t wait to find that out.

And again this episode was really really good. Even if it seems obvious I never thought of a place like the Citadel, I thought that what they do to their soldiers was bad enough, apparently Ultra was even worse than I thought. Talking about Ultra, Jedikiah is messing up my mind! I never know if I should like him or hate him. Trust him or not! And even if he’s right about not trusting Stephen he should give the guy a chance. Maybe if he lets Stephen think his uncle trusts him, he will be less careful. Not that I want them to caught Stephen and the Tomorrow People, but it would be the smartest thing to do.

Btw, I still hate Cara! My hate for that girl only grows with each episode. And I love John more.

And I think Stephen’s brother will have powers like him! Can’t wait to see that happen.


Episode 11

Julian is a crazy bastard! I want to see him as good as dead and soon. I still don’t like Cara and I’m sick of her getting two boys running after her! Stephen and Astrid would be great together. I was really hoping this episode would end with Cara dead, but I wasn’t that lucky, damn it. On the other hand I was worried sick about Russell! Thanks God Julian can’t kill in Russel’s case.

I really like Charlotte and was glad to see everyone accepting into their lair!

I think this episode wasn’t as good as the previous ones, but still pretty good.

4 stars


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