Star-crossed s01e03 to 05 (Carolina)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like were this series was going after the two first episodes, so I waited till yesterday to keep with it, and I must say I’m surprised. I’m really enjoying it! I’m even liking the love triangle, if they don’t keep it forever I think it’s healthy for everyone now.

This series is about an alien species that came to Earth to find shelter and found out that humans were violent and unwelcome. At least a big part of them. The TV show is following a group of 7 chosen Atrian teens to ingress in a human high school. I really like the two main guys of this group, I believe Drake will be one of the good guys soon. Roman most of the times is too tight, I think he needs to learn how to enjoy life from time to time, but even though I like him. His sister is really sweet, and I was super surprised when she confessed who she was interested in! I thought she was interested in Eric… Emery is one of those characters that I can’t really like. But I can’t hate her either. She is just so sweet and a good person. Let’s see how it goes from now on.

The mystery about Roman’s father really surprised me! I thought the teacher was an Atrian with her marks removed, but the truth?! Oh wow! What the hell! Anyway I’m really curious about Eljida. I hope in the following episodes we will have more insight of that mysterious place. I also need an Roman and Amery kiss! I’m not 100% sure, but I think they didn’t kiss in those two first episodes.

For now this series is a four star one. It is interesting, and has the right amount of love dramas and alien culture and I really like to see the Atrians trying to get integrated in human world. I hope the TV show keeps going like this, if possible it can get even better!

4 stars


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