Divergent Movie (Margarida)

Let’s take a deep breath


Okay I’m ready!

I saw the movie friday! I loved it! I was thinking of reading the book again before I watched the movie but I heard from a friend that Zon Lusomundo was selling premiere tickets for 22..03.2014 and I was waiting for the movie to come out in 3.04.2014 so I started panicking like WHAT’S THE NUMBER I CALL!! TELL ME ! I WANT TO KNOW! After a few text messages she answered me and I called the number I was so nervous and thinking omg if there are no more tickets I will die BUT there were tickets and I booked 3 šŸ˜€ I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY !! Then I called Joana that writes in this blog too and we started to scream and jumping! So now I only had to call Carolina but her phone is broken she isn’t at home where do I call?! I sent a text to her father and she called from his phone and I told her!!! Again more freaking out!!! šŸ˜€

Now the movie!!!!!!!!!!

I already said I loved it and absolutely did! Compared with Vampire Academy this was awesome! But compared with Catching Fire it wasn’t that amazing therefore I’m going to give 4 stars to this movie.

I really liked the fighting scenes! When I was watching Caleb and Tris I just couldn’t stop thinking about Gus and Hazel and I just wanted to cry. Then we have Tris and Four okay this was so bad seeing them together my mind was likeĀ ALLEGIANT ALLEGIANT ALLEGIANTĀ so yup not cool mind not cool at all!!!!

There were characters I wanted to punch in the face! Erik, Al, Peter, Marcus,Ā JeanineĀ and David. This bitches.

So the movie was great but there were somethings missing. I wanted to see Uriah. I wanted to see Peter and the scene with the butter knife and more important Ā I wanted at the end to Four to say what he said in the book:

“I think I’m in love with you” and Tris says “You think?” then Four says “Okay. I love you.”

I was so excited to see this scene BUT I DIDN’T AND I WAS SO MAD!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANTED THIS SCENE!!!

So after the movie me and my friends started to talk about the movie and we started to think it would be so cool to do the fear serum and know what fears would show up if you know what fear/fears would show up please comment so we could know!! I actually don’t know what would show up..maybe giant spiders all hairy and ugly god that’s gross.

I don’t know if you noticed when you watched the movie that when Caleb, Marcus, Peter, Tris and Four where running for the train the way Caleb was running!! I was laughing so hard in the cinema ahahahahah

4 stars




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