Shattered by Teri Terry (Joana)

I won this book on  Goodreads Giveaway.

This was perhaps the one that I most enjoyed in the Slated Trilogy. It was different from the others somehow. And I liked that. I was a lot less confusing. It seemed that somehow we were not as trapped in Kyla’s head as we were before.

We finally got the story straight out. Who Kyla was and her true story. Reading this felt different, I liked the feeling that it gave me. 

This was the last book of the trilogy and I wish that the other books were more like this one. And I wanted more of Aiden and a lot less of Ben but in general I like this series. It was nice. And the covers are freaking beautiful. I love specially the cover of Fractured.

4 stars

Full Review 

You can find the reviews from the previous books here:

* Slated;

* Fractured.


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