Giveaway I won!!! (Margarida)

So today the book I won arrived!!!!!! YEYYYYY


I was so happy!! The envelope was a bit tricky to open but I did it and THE BOOK IS SO SOFT!!!!!! I spent like five minutes touching the book ahahah šŸ˜€

Look at the back:


It’s also so pretty!!! šŸ˜€

I don’t know if you can see what it says in the back so here it is:

An ordinary woman hides extraordinary secrets from two men who are not what they seemā€”but neither is she.

Aisling’s grandmother was the most famous Awen of Ireland, but Aisling never knew that until she returned home from her travels, said her good-byes over the old protector’s grave, and learned from Jake Connemara that she was now Awen. No one has yet tried to steal the three relics under her protection, which combined are said to give the possessor the power to control the world. But when two strange backpackers arrive in Clifden, Aisling’s life and the fate of world rest on one moment.

Tiran and Jay became friends the moment they started talking on the bus to Clifden, but when they meet Aisling, rivalry threatens that new friendship. Jake, bartender at The Salt and Crane, tells Aisling a long-lost, ancient, more powerful relic is rumored to have been stolen from The Blast Memorialā€”the same day Jay and Tiran were there.

The time of Aisling’s test has come. If she fails, Ireland falls. And if Ireland falls, one of these men will bring the world to a terrible fate.”

I entered this giveaway because first the cover is really pretty!! And it sounds so interesting.

I’m really excited to read this one but unfortunately this is the novella of theĀ Rucksack seriesĀ so I ave to read the first book. I don’t know when I’m going to read it because I can’t find it anywhere but I’m going to keep looking and when I find it I plan of reading it!

Home Sweet RoadĀ Ā on Goodreads

The first book:

The Martini of DestinyĀ 


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