Teen Wolf S03E23 (Margarida)

OMG this episode was BRUTAL!

Before I started to watch the episode a friend of mine said someone is going to die and I was OMG IS T STILES?! NO IT CAN’T BE STILES! TELL ME IT’S NOT STILES! And she answered: it’s not stiles. YEYYYY I was really happy but I was still afraid because my friend said it was an important person that dies.



Okay Allison died! I was kind of expecting it because she had that conversation with her dad saying I love you I’m proud of you and yeah I thought it was her but I was like nah it can’t be her. Her death didn’t really shocked me or made me cry it was more Scott and Lydia’s reaction that made me cry and what Allison was saying to Scott when she was dying that was like I was being stab in the heart.

Now the rest of the episode.

Teen Wolf always makes me crazy because they solve something and then a crazier thing shows up!! I can never relax with this show I’m always nervous when I’m watching I never know what’s going to happen and this episode was no different.

Lydia disappeared with the Nogitsune and everyone is looking for her but she leaves a message in her car window saying don’t find me as always no one listens and they go looking for her and surprise surprise someone ends up dead.

Aiden and Ethan are shot in the woods and are saved by Derek and later are taken to Allison’s  house and Allison’s father realizes how was the shooter but he doesn’t say. Damn him! I want to know!

When Scott and Stiles discover where Lydia is, in the internment camp, and they go there and find Kira’s mom there with the oni. The Nogitsune waits until the oni are close before snapping Kira’s mother’s last remaining tail and now the oni are in his possession. That’s not good. Everyone stars fighting though Scott and Stiles go find Lydia. One of the oni ends up killing Allison.

The episode ends up with Allison dead in Scott’s arms, her father arrives at the place and sees, and Lydia screaming Allison.

I so don’t have good feelings about what’s going to happen in the last episode of the season. This is going to be bad.

5 stars


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