Lover Unbound Review (Carolina)

How I love Vishous and how I missed his book! First I must warn you that I already read all Ward’s books and I won’t stop myself from adding spoilers to this review. About the whole series.

So the fifth book follows mainly Vishous story, he gets shot and is brought to a human hospital and ends up in Jane’s operation table. Jane is the main female character, she is a ordinary human till she sees herself with a six chambered heart in her hands. From that moment her life will change drastically. Aside from V’s story we also see Phury’s and Cormia’s POV along with John’s.

In this book I realized something really important. Whenever people asked me which brother was my favourite I got stuck in a trio: Z, Rhage and Vishous. Never knew which one was my number one. But when I reread all their books recently for the fifth time each and I realized that Vishous was the one. Everytime we get a description of V, either physical or psychological I couldn’t shake off the feeling that V was written thinking specifically of me, which is madness because I never saw the author in my life. But I feel that if ever find a soul mate, it will be V. With this book I even experienced something quite unusual. I felt jealous of Jane! I don’t get jealous often, and with a book character?! Well that’s craziness. But mainly in the first half of the book everytime Jane set her hands on him I wanted to become a possessive female and jump inside the book a growl ‘Mine!’ in her face. I can’t understand this feeling even if I try but it was there.

Anyway I really love this book! The story is beautiful. It makes me laugh and cry everytime I read it. And besides that it holds a special spot in my heart because it was the first book I read in English! I was so proud of myself when I reached the end of it! And besides that when I begun it, I was afraid I’d loose part of the story and for example wouldn’t be able to cry if there was any scene worthy my tears, but that was a misplaced worry because I reach the end of this book every-fucking-time with tears welling up in my eyes. It is so beautiful! How almost everyone hates the Scribe Virgin and in the last fifty pages of Lover Unbound every single person likes her. Even if only these few pages. I can’t help it but feel sorry for her, and cry for her sacrifice even if love why she did it, and its result.

I was trying to talk a little about the story itself but ended up wondering of. Anyway besides the main story I also really love John’s POV! Seeing someone going trough its transition is always good, and it looks hard and painful as hell, but if someone offered me such option I’d agree without a blink of an eye. I also love seeing Blay and Qhuinn! I love those two so much. I really feel like rereading Lover at Last before The King comes out next month. But I have to admit that this John is a pain in the ass. Not the character that became one of my favourites in the following books. I prefer when he’s more like Qhuinn, enjoying himself.
And I can’t forget to had that I love his relationship with Z! I never truly appreciated their relationship before this rereading, no idea why but I didn’t. But now I can see that they have such a beautiful and real friendship.

In this book I also paid more attention to the peachs references. First in some memory where Marissa was wearing a peached color dress. Then V gave peached colored flowers to Jane. And there is another reference but I can’t remember right now.

Manny isn’t my favourite character, not even close. But I like him, and rereading the scene where Jane is saying good bye to him broke my heart. He was so heartbroken, so lost without her. I just couldn’t. I’m glad he finds happiness again and better than that he finds it in the Vampire world where we can be with Jane again!

There’s a thing I realized is missing in all the series. And that’s more family time. Like in the end when Wrath says he’s going to make them play Monopoly again with him, I’d give anything to see some moments like that, because apart from a meal here and there we don’t see any interaction between all of them, specially with all of them good and happy! I’m hoping that in The King we can have some of that, because I need to see it! I can picture it so well in my mind, all the brothers and shellans around a table with a Monopoly game set on it and they fighting for the dog figure or the shoe. Seeing the first one to go down being mocked at by the others. The girls talking and trying to sooth the boys down. Fritz coming and going with drinks and food for them! Wow that scene would be priceless. Just a little normal in their day life.

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that this book is one of my favourites! And even if V is my favourite Brother I don’t think his book is my favourite. That place is still tied up between Lover Awakened and Lover Eternal. I will need to reread them again to find out which book is my number one.

5 stars


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