The Walking Dead s04e14 (Carolina)

This episode was brutal. I can’t even think of anything to say about this episode. It was very good, it brought back the hardness of The Walking Dead we didn’t saw for a few episodes. It followed Carol, Judith, Tyresee and the girls, Lizzie and Mika. They are traveling to the Terminus and find a beautiful and untouched house along the way, so they decide to stay a couple of days, eating properly and gaining strength for the rest of the journey. Till this moment everything is okay and everyone is happy. But then we start to get to know Lizzie better and her idea of Walkers. She truly believes that Walkers are still people, still alive just different. And everyone thinks she’s crazy, and with reasons! Carol tries to change her mind about the Walkers showing her that they want to kill her and there a few moments we think she can. At the same time Carol is trying to though Mika up. Mika reminds her of her daughter that died in a previous season, and she doesn’t want to loose Mika like she loose her daughter because of Mika’s good heart. In the end everything she did was a bunch of wasted time.

I was expecting Lizzie to do something crazy, I swear I did, but when I saw what she really did to prove her point I wanted to shoot her in the head myself. She killed Mika! How could she kill her own sweet sister?! I can’t understand. Mika was so sweet and adorable, too good for the world she lived in, and her own sister stabbed her and waited for her to turn into a monster. Poor Carol after everything she went through she had to make sure Mika wouldn’t turn. Then she and Tyresee decided that Lizzie couldn’t live with other people because she would just put everyone in danger and Judith too. So Carol had to shoot her too. I say it again! Poor Carol! She lost her daughter, then she kinda adopted those two girls and had to kill them herself. Now at least she has Judith. I hope nothing bad happens to her. I want Rick and Carl to meet up with Judith again.

In the last minutes of this episode Carol confesses to Tyresee that she was the one to kill Karen. I never thought that Tyresee would kill Carol, because then he would have to take care of Judith all by himself and that would be almost impossible, but if you ask me if I expected him to just forgive her?! Hell no! But thanks God he did. We didn’t need more drama between them.

I’ll give this episode 4.5 stars only because I wanted to see a little of how the others are. I am specially curious about Daryl and Beth. I didn’t really like Daryl with Carol, but Daryl and Beth?! I don’t even know what to think it’s too cute and too pedophilia for me. I have no idea what I want to happen between those two. But I can’t wait to see what happens.



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